General Terms and conditions

1. Bookings

All bookings must be made through:

  • The Ski Zenit online shop.
  • Email to:
  • In person at the Ski Zenit office in Saas-Fee.

✓ For every booking, Ski Zenit will send a booking document showing all the services hired, the prices and any applied discounts or credits.

✓ Bookings will not be confirmed until the payment of 100% of the invoice amount is paid. Any booking not confirmed within 4 days by payment from the client, will automatically be canceled.

✓ Payments can be made with:

  • Credit card using the secured payment link we will send by email with the booking.
  • Credit card sending your card details by email or by giving them over the phone.
  • Bank transfer with all fees paid by the ordering client. Ski Zenit must receive the booking amount in full and in Swiss Francs into our bank account. Please email us the bank transfer receipt.
  • Cash payments in Swiss Francs are accepted for bookings made at our office.

2. Cancellation and Refunds

✓ If you cancel your booking for any reason,this refund policy will be strictly applied. Please GET INSURED to avoid costs with non-refundable services which can’t be used in case of unexpected problems.

✓ In case of cancellation from the client’s side or for any other reason beyond Ski Zenit’s responsibility, the following refund policy shall apply:

  • Up until 4 weeks before arrival: 90% refund, 10% payable (minimum 20 CHF maximum 300 CHF cancellation fee, per booking).
  • Between 4 weeks and 7 days before arrival: 50% refund. 50% payable.
  • 7 days or less before arrival: No refund. 100% payable.

✓ If cancellation is due to a reason related to “official travel restrictions” (pandemic, war, etc..) we will proceed with a 90% refund, 10% payable (minimum 20 CHF maximum 300 CHF cancellation fee, per booking). To be eligible for this refund, clients must be subject to one or more of the following circumstances:

  • Their country or region of origin has established travel limitations or imposed a quarantine for returning travelers.
  • The place where the services take place, has established severe limitations (i.e. mandatory quarantine) for travelers arriving from the client’s country or region.

✓ These Terms and Conditions apply to all products and services provided by Ski Zenit. In the event that any accommodation, other than the Ski Zenit Hotel has been booked, the terms and conditions of a third party service provider will apply.

✓ We strongly recommend that clients have trip cancellation insurance that covers unused services (offered by Ski Zenit) with sufficient coverage. Many credit cards include travel insurance when paying with them. Please check your travel insurance conditions carefully and if they do not cover the cancellation of your booked services with Ski Zenit, we strongly recommend adding it to your policy.

✓ Any participant should be sufficiently insured to be able to claim back for any unused service canceled due to any kind of personal reason or unforeseen circumstances.

✓ Clients who arrive late or fail to show up are NOT entitled to any refund or extend the duration of a session.

✓ In the event of the entire skiable area being closed due to technical problems, bad weather, avalanche control, poor snow conditions or any reason beyond the control of Ski Zenit, we will endeavor to offer alternative relevant activities. The additional cost of these activities will be covered by the previously paid training fees, therefore no refund will be given for ski training days lost due to circumstances beyond the control of Ski Zenit.

✓ Rescheduling of services by the client, that has already been booked and confirmed, is strictly subject to availability. In the event of situations that are beyond the control of Ski Zenit, we reserve the right to reschedule any booked and confirmed services. Ski Zenit will always inform the client at the earliest possible time in these situations.

3. Accident insurance and Ski Pass

✓ All participants must have a valid accident and rescue insurance (including helicopter evacuation) that covers medical treatment and hospitalization in Switzerland, Chile, or any other country where our services are carried out, and repatriation if necessary.

✓ This insurance must cover the specific activity offered by Ski Zenit.

✓ Third-party liability insurance covering accidents is highly recommended to cover any damage.

✓ Trip cancellation insurance is also highly recommended, to cover specific services provided by Ski Zenit canceled and with no right for a full refund.

✓ Insurance must also cover all types of indoor and outdoor sports.

✓ Ski Zenit ski training services do not include the required ski pass and equipment in the quoted price. This must be purchased in addition, by the client.

4. Equipment

✓ Certain services offered by Ski Zenit will require specific equipment which is not included in the daily price. Ski Zenit will send you a list with the required equipment and our staff will inform the participants in advance about any specific equipment needed for the training.

✓ A helmet and back protector are mandatory in order to participate in any of our ski race training. Back protectors are not mandatory for ski school lessons. Ski Zenit will not be liable in any case for any damage that a participant may suffer by not wearing the correct recommended safety equipment.

✓ Ski Zenit staff can provide assistance during the purchase and rental process of racing equipment, where needed. For purchases, they must be pre-ordered and the cost will be included in the booking as extra and must be paid in advance by the client. For rentals, the clients must pay directly at the rental shop.

5. Safety

✓ Ski Zenit staff are bound by legal obligations and will adhere, at all times, to FIS regulations, ski resort warnings and their professional limits. Safety remains paramount.

✓ All Ski Zenit staff will take the best possible course of action in case of accident, sickness or any other unforeseen circumstances in any activities/services organized by the Company.

6. Liability

✓ Those clients participating in any activities/services run by Ski Zenit, are liable for any accident they could cause.

✓ Ski Zenit has company liability insurance in accordance with Swiss law.

✓ In case of dispute, the legal jurisdiction will be Sion and Swiss law shall apply.

7. Under-age minors

✓ Ski Zenit staff will have a duty of care towards under-age minors whilst they are participating in all training and camp activities. This includes, but is not limited to, any incident of accident or sickness, any disciplinary issues, safety concerns and general well being of the athlete. Ski Zenit reserves the right to ask any participant to leave the camp if he/she does not abide by the Ski Zenit house rules and the appropriate behavior expected during training/camps.

8. Organization of groups

✓ Groups will have a minimum and maximum number of participants (according to the specific service/activity) that have a similar age and level.

✓ Whenever there are 3 or less participants of a similar age and level together in the group, additional fees will be applicable.

✓ Ski private training is a maximum of 3 participants of a similar age and ski level per trainer. Whenever there are more than 3 participants of a similar age and ski level, shared private training prices will be applied.

✓ Long-term training programs will be priced on a case by case scenario according to the number of participants.

✓ Travel expenses (of ski athletes and trainers) for training and racing in different resorts other than Saas-Fee or Val d’Anniviers are not included in the price and must be paid separately by the client.

✓ Groups, schedules and activities will be organized and decided by Ski Zenit staff. The organization of the groups will be based on a number of factors, including but not limited to, age and ability or experience.