Zenit Precision

High performance speed camp in Saas-Fee.

Immerse yourself in the thrilling realm of ski racing at Saas Fee, the top destination for advanced training in Europe. Ski Zenit offers a speed camp like no other, combining extensive experience and cutting-edge techniques to shape champions from scratch.

Join athletes from over 30 countries who come together each year to share their love for ski racing. Improve your skills with advanced techniques tailored for ski racing competitors.

Embark on specialized speed training with experienced experts committed to helping you reach your full potential.

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Zenit Precision speed camp.

Dates 2024

  • 05 – 08 September
  • 03 – 06 October
  • 31 October – 03 November


  • High level racers
  • U-14, U-16 and FIS athletes


  • Maximum 7 racers per trainer, according to age and level.

Elevate your SG training at the exceptional Saas-Fee Glacier, known as Europe’s top spot for summer and fall skiing training. The perfect mix of high altitude and excellent snow conditions creates an unmatched environment for refining your SG abilities to the highest level.

Saas-Fee’s pedestrian-only village offers a holistic lifestyle and convenient access to top-notch training facilities for athletes. The village provides a variety of engaging off-snow activities, making it a popular choice for elite athletes to prepare for their seasons. Experience a comprehensive training program focused on improving technical, tactical, physical, and mental skills in SG racing. Age-appropriate complementary activities are also available to enhance the overall training experience.

Arrival on Wednesday afternoon and departure Sunday after ski training.

Each week includes:

  • 4 day camp.
  • Stretching and Yoga
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Max. 7 racers / coach.
  • Condition training.
  • Camp videos.
  • Specific SG coaching.
  • Ski Tuning
  • Video Analysis.

Speed training with highly experienced Ski Zenit coaches

Zenit Precision speed campActivities and Athlete development:

Saas Fee is renowned worldwide for offering the finest summer skiing in Europe. From September, the training slopes increase in length, becoming the perfect location for SG training.

Join us for rigorous morning sessions dedicated to improving your SG technical skiing skills. Each day presents a chance to enhance your performance and progress towards reaching your peak athletic potential. Our program is crafted to be both demanding and fun, motivating you to excel in a dynamic setting.

During the afternoon, engage in a variety of carefully designed activities that aim to enhance both physical and mental growth. Our focus is not only on supporting athletes but also on creating a vibrant environment where enjoyment is combined with education, and where bonds and collaboration thrive.

6:40 h.


7:15 h.

Go to Slopes

8:00 – 12:00 h.

Ski Training with 15min break

13:00 h.


15:30 – 18:30 h.

Video, equipment maintenance, physical and mental conditioning

19:00 h.


21:00 h.


* in autumn the day begins later and ski training sessions are longer

speed camp autumn europe

Ski Zenit is thrilled to offer a series of exclusive camps tailored for elite athletes who are eager to enhance their skills. These specialized camps, named Precision Camps, gather top athletes from across the world at different intervals throughout the year.

The SG camp organized by Ski Zenit takes place on a premium speed course in the northern hemisphere, offering all the essential components for a top-tier camp experience. Featuring small group sizes, skilled speed coaches, personalized speed technique sessions, and more, we guarantee that participants derive the utmost advantage from this intensive speed camp.

Our athletes are grouped according to age, and all participants are required to exhibit a high level of racing proficiency in order to be eligible for our camps.

Yoga Ski Camp Europe

We have included stretching, yoga and meditation as part of our training to help athletes calm their body and mind. It is an excellent way to relax, stretch and strengthen muscles after a long day of training. It also teaches them how to ease their mind and delve into their inner stillness and peace for full recovery.

Yoga is a great way for our athletes to work on physical conditioning, gain the agility that comes from deep stretching and is also highly recommended for muscle recovery. We have fully certified yoga instructors that adapt the difficulty and intensity of each session to the different skill levels and ages.

Meditation is a great way to relax and focus on your inner-self and helps athletes to “get in the zone”, that special place that enables competitors to ski to their potential even in the most stressful situations. This activity will be done with other athletes of similar age after every third day of training.

Training in speed camp europe

All athletes taking part in our training will take part in physical workouts throughout the week. These workouts will always be age appropriate and based on the condition of each athlete. They are designed to be challenging and demanding as well as fun and creative.

These post-ski workouts focus on recovery from the training sessions and protection against injury; the aim is also to improve strength, coordination, balance, agility and flexibility.

Saas-Fee is the ideal setting to engage in a wide range of sports and physical training. For these activities, athletes doing private training will join others of a similar age.

Hiking in Ski Camp Saas Fee

Team sports and mountain treks will also be a part of the activities during the afternoons and non-skiing days. Saas-Fee is the ideal setting to engage in a wide range of sports and physical training. Saas-Fee is a paradise for all these activities, offering amazing paths for all ages and levels as well as many field sports.

Bouldering in the Swiss Alps

Bouldering in the Swiss Alps during the summer is an exciting and challenging outdoor activity. The alpine terrain offers a variety of rocks and boulder formations that test the skills and endurance of climbers. The breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys are an added bonus. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or just starting out, the Swiss Alps provide a unique and unforgettable experience for all levels of bouldering enthusiasts.

Rollerblading for ski camps

Rollerblading improves your skiing in several ways. Both activities require similar skills such as balance, coordination, and control. It will help develop your leg strength, agility, and endurance, which are all important for skiing. Additionally, the repetitive motions of rollerblading can help improve your muscle memory and reaction time, making it easier to adjust to the demands of skiing.

Training balance for ski racing

Balance is a crucial component in ski racing. A skier’s ability to maintain a stable position and adjust to changing terrain is critical in alpine skiing. Not only does good balance provide better control and precision, it also helps reduce the risk of injury. In ski racing, every fraction of a second counts, and working on your balance through targeted exercises can make all the difference in your results. Ski Zenit’s program helps ski racers improve their balance, increase stability, and achieve their goals on the mountain.

ski bases in the ski training

Taking good care of ski bases and edges is a must in order to perform during ski training. Every afternoon racers age 12 and older will learn and carry out all the necessary tuning of their skis with the help of the trainers, who will also take care of younger athletes’ skis.

video analysis for ski training

Video analysis is an important tool for our coaches to help racers understand and improve the areas they are trying to develop while ski training. Technical and tactical concepts that are important to performance will be well explained during these sessions so that they are clear for next day’s training. One session of video analysis will be done after every 2 or 3 days of training.

4 day camp

700 CHF

per Camp / 4 days

Single day option 225 CHF

Dates 2024: 05 – 08 September
03 – 06 October
31 October – 03 November

ski pass

166 CHF

per 4 days, child under age 16

1 day: child  48  / adult:  79 CHF

4 days: child 166 / adult 269 CHF


110 CHF

per night, meals included

5 minute walk to ski lift

3 meals plus snack per day

Google reviews

Mark Hennings
Mark Hennings
Top ski trainers for technique alpine ski racing and gate training for all ages
Anthony Ellison
Anthony Ellison
Great training at a superb location. Ski Zenit coaches were enthusiastic, helpful and constructive. Video analysis twice in the week was great to bring the technical issues to life
Daniel Compain
Daniel Compain
My son absolutely loves this camp. He enjoys the cultural experience as well as having an enormous amount of autonomy that teaches him to be responsible and self-reliant. The camp is very well organized and all the coaches have a wealth of experience to impart on athletes of all ages. My wife and do everything we possibly can to get him to Saas Fee twice a year.
Sai Ho Leung
Sai Ho Leung
Over the past few years, both my son and daughter have been attending Zenit. However, more recently, only my son has been participating. I am consistently impressed by the way they engage with my children - providing support, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones, and meticulously breaking down each aspect of their ski turns. The instructors take the time to explain how they can improve. In the last couple of years, my son has been the sole attendee from our family. This year, upon his return, not only did his ski technique showcase marked improvement, but he also exhibited enhanced confidence in himself. This newfound assurance is not limited to skiing; it extends to his overall ability to constructively engage and listen.
Pawel Stach
Pawel Stach
Back for the third time. My son still loves training with Ski Zenit. He asked me to sign him up for three consecutive camps this year. The staff and coaching at Ski Zenit are very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend Ski Zenit to anyone who is looking at improving their ski racing.
Claire Zikovsky
Claire Zikovsky
Mon fils de 13 ans a participé à ce camp pendant 2 semaines. Il a trouvé l'endroit magnifique. Il a bien aimé les coachs et a trouvé qu'ils lui ont permis de s'améliorer. Il a beaucoup aimé l'horaire le matin mais il aurait aimé plus de choix d'activités en après-midi. Il a beaucoup aimé les chambres partagées et la possibilité de connaître de nouvelles personnes de différents endroits. Il a beaucoup apprécié les séances vidéos.
jayce love
jayce love
I just began skiing November 22/23 winter season and my eagerness to ski race and desire to learn the sport prompted me to enroll in this camp. This summer's opportunity to train with SkiZenit has been incredible. I'm incredibly appreciative of the coaches and team I worked with during my stay since they helped me strengthen and build my technical, physical, and mental abilities I needed to begin alpine racing.
Un stage "Race" très professionnel, une équipe au top. Très bonne expérience.
Gary Deger
Gary Deger
Great environment as well ski coaching. It is worth the extra flight time to come to Ski Zenit compared to Oregon.

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