MastersSki racing camp in Saas-Fee for adults

Based on years of experience working with Master racers and ski instructors preparing for racing tests, we have developed specific ski camp for adults that are invaluable for those who want to progress and increase confidence and performance, regardless of racing level.

Ski Zenit, operating the most comprehensive Ski Camp in all of Europe, knows how to bring out the best in occasional master racers training for pleasure, ski instructors preparing for professional tests and competitive Master racers.

Since 2008 we’ve been running Masters ski camps for different level skiers from all over the world. Learn with us!

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Saas-Fee ski training camps for adults

in Europe for Summer & Autumn

Dates 2024

  • 15 July – 31 August
  • 14 October – 26 October


  • All level racers.
  • High level skiers.


  • Maximum 7 racers per trainer, according to level.

The Saas-Fee glacier is the top ski race training location in Europe for our ski camps for adults in the Summer and Autumn season. The altitude, characteristics and snow conditions alone set it apart from other glaciers. This, together with the variety of terrain available, makes it second to none for training purposes. The car-free village promotes a very healthy lifestyle and provides everything needed for optimal condition training and activities on off-snow days. These are just some of the reasons why the top athletes in the world do their Summer Ski Camp pre-season preparation in Saas-Fee.

Development and reinforcement of technical and tactical skills. During the week there will be video feedback sessions with your coach. Master racers interested in a full day program with activities in the afternoon, should sign up to our FIS ski camp.

Arrival on Sunday night and departure on Friday after ski training for one week or several consecutive weeks.

Each week includes:

  • 6 days of activities.
  • 5 days ski training.
  • 1 off-skiing day.
  • Max. 7 racers / coach.
  • Ski Tuning.
  • Video Analysis.

* Also available are multiple accommodation options in hotels and apartments. Please enquire and we will assist you.modation, please enquire.

Our Highly-skilled Team of Coaches

Best ski camp for adultsActivities and Athlete development:

The best Ski camp for adults with Ski Zenit means fun glacier sessions on snow to improve the fundamental technical aspects and physical skills on skis that will allow you to perform and enjoy competitive gate courses and will build your confidence.

During the afternoons trainers will organise two video analysis and technical tuning workshops per week and will offer a list of extra body and mind activities.

6:40 h.


7:15 h.

Go to Slopes

8:00 – 12:00 h.

Ski Training with 15min break

13:00 h.


15:30 – 18:30 h.

Equipment maintenance, physical and mental conditioning (individual or booking a trainer)

18:30 h.

Video Analysis

* in autumn the day begins later and ski training sessions are longer

ski camp for adults

Athletes participating in our training camps will be divided into training groups based on skill level with a maximum of 7 skiers per group. Groups may change during the course of the week in order to work on each athlete’s specific goals with a view to best individualising training.

Our ski camps for adults, Master Racers and Instructors, is flexible enough to adapt to different goals and levels of performance and bring the best out of each skier, providing a good balance between confidence building and step-by-step achievements for permanent progress.

ski camp for adults analysis

Video analysis is an important tool for our coaches to help athletes understand and improve the areas they are trying to develop through ski training. Technical and tactical performance enhancement concepts will be well explained during these sessions so they are clear for next day’s training.

Optional activities available on demand for an additional fee:

Yoga ski training for adults in europe

For a long time now we have been observing the benefits of stretching, yoga and meditation and have therefore incorporated these activities into our training to help athletes calm their body and mind. It is an excellent way to relax, stretch and strengthen muscles after a long day of training. It also teaches participants how to slow down and delve into inner stillness and peace for full recovery.

Yoga is a great way to work on physical conditioning, gain the agility that comes from deep stretching and is also highly recommended for muscle recovery. We have fully certified yoga instructors that adapt the difficulty and intensity of each session to the different skill levels and ages.

Meditation is a great way to relax and focus on your inner-self and helps athletes to “get in the zone”, that special place that enables competitors to ski to their potential even in the most stressful situations.

These sessions are add-ons to the Masters package, or alternatively are included in the FIS package.

ski racing camps for adults

Condition Training is a great afternoon activity that can be added to our Masters programme. These workouts will always be based on the condition of each participant. They are designed to be challenging and demanding as well as fun and creative.

These post-ski workouts focus on recovery from the training sessions and protection against injury; the aim is also to improve strength, coordination, balance, agility and flexibility.

Saas-Fee is the ideal setting to engage in a wide range of sports and physical training. For these activities, athletes doing private training will join others of a similar age.

These sessions are add-ons to the Masters package, or alternatively are included in the FIS package.

Team sports and mountain trekking are also possible activities during the afternoons and non-ski days. Saas-Fee is the ideal setting to engage in a wide range of sports and physical training. Saas-Fee is a paradise for all these activities offering amazing paths for all ages and levels as well as many field sports.

These sessions are add-ons to the Masters package, or alternatively are included in the FIS package.

best ski camps

Bouldering in the Swiss Alps during the summer is an exciting and challenging outdoor activity. The alpine terrain offers a variety of rocks and boulder formations that test the skills and endurance of climbers. The breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys are an added bonus. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or just starting out, the Swiss Alps provide a unique and unforgettable experience for all levels of bouldering enthusiasts.

These sessions are add-ons to the Masters package, or alternatively are included in the FIS package.

ski tuning

Having well prepared skis is crucial for maximising your performance while on the slopes and to that end we have a proper ski-tuning workshop in the hotel itself. The workshop is available to those who are comfortable servicing their own skis. If you require guidance on ski tuning, we can arrange a ski tuning session with a ski technician.

ski camp

650 CHF

per Camp / Week

6 activity days, 5 skiing days

Single day option  150 CHF

Option of three consecutive weeks

Dates 2024: 15 July – 31 August
14 – 26 October

ski pass

329 CHF

per 5 days

1 day: 79 CHF

5 days: 329  CHF

10 days: 619  CHF

15 days: 913  CHF


125 CHF

per night, full board in 3* hotel



Variable price range

Convenient for Summer skiing 

Google reviews

Mark Hennings
Mark Hennings
Top ski trainers for technique alpine ski racing and gate training for all ages
Anthony Ellison
Anthony Ellison
Great training at a superb location. Ski Zenit coaches were enthusiastic, helpful and constructive. Video analysis twice in the week was great to bring the technical issues to life
Daniel Compain
Daniel Compain
My son absolutely loves this camp. He enjoys the cultural experience as well as having an enormous amount of autonomy that teaches him to be responsible and self-reliant. The camp is very well organized and all the coaches have a wealth of experience to impart on athletes of all ages. My wife and do everything we possibly can to get him to Saas Fee twice a year.
Sai Ho Leung
Sai Ho Leung
Over the past few years, both my son and daughter have been attending Zenit. However, more recently, only my son has been participating. I am consistently impressed by the way they engage with my children - providing support, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones, and meticulously breaking down each aspect of their ski turns. The instructors take the time to explain how they can improve. In the last couple of years, my son has been the sole attendee from our family. This year, upon his return, not only did his ski technique showcase marked improvement, but he also exhibited enhanced confidence in himself. This newfound assurance is not limited to skiing; it extends to his overall ability to constructively engage and listen.
Pawel Stach
Pawel Stach
Back for the third time. My son still loves training with Ski Zenit. He asked me to sign him up for three consecutive camps this year. The staff and coaching at Ski Zenit are very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend Ski Zenit to anyone who is looking at improving their ski racing.
Claire Zikovsky
Claire Zikovsky
Mon fils de 13 ans a participé à ce camp pendant 2 semaines. Il a trouvé l'endroit magnifique. Il a bien aimé les coachs et a trouvé qu'ils lui ont permis de s'améliorer. Il a beaucoup aimé l'horaire le matin mais il aurait aimé plus de choix d'activités en après-midi. Il a beaucoup aimé les chambres partagées et la possibilité de connaître de nouvelles personnes de différents endroits. Il a beaucoup apprécié les séances vidéos.
jayce love
jayce love
I just began skiing November 22/23 winter season and my eagerness to ski race and desire to learn the sport prompted me to enroll in this camp. This summer's opportunity to train with SkiZenit has been incredible. I'm incredibly appreciative of the coaches and team I worked with during my stay since they helped me strengthen and build my technical, physical, and mental abilities I needed to begin alpine racing.
Un stage "Race" très professionnel, une équipe au top. Très bonne expérience.
Gary Deger
Gary Deger
Great environment as well ski coaching. It is worth the extra flight time to come to Ski Zenit compared to Oregon.

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