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Our organization provides annual programs specifically designed for FIS athletes. Through partnerships with various schools, we offer an exceptional ski program accompanied by top-notch education and housing facilities. Depending on the individual needs of the athlete, we have the flexibility to provide a range of options, from ski training to a complete package inclusive of all amenities.

Experience the ultimate ski race academy program, providing you with the perfect opportunity to enhance your racing skills while exploring a multitude of stunning ski resorts in The Alps. With our program, you can also enjoy a top-notch education that complements your skiing journey.

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Ski Racing Academy in Switzerland

Dates 2024 / 2025

  • July – April.
  • Full season program.


  • High Level.
  • FIS Age.


  • Maximum 7 racers per trainer.
  • European FIS circuit races.

Ski Zenit prioritizes the success of young athletes both on and off the snow. That’s why we have partnered with several schools accredited as Athlete-Friendly Education Centres (AFEC) recognised by the World Academy of Sport. Flexible timetables for the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP), IB Diploma Programme (DP), Cambridge IGCSE, and Maturité Suisse allow student-athletes to excel in their academic pursuits while also pursuing their athletic dreams with intensive training schedules.

Ski Zenit’s Academy program is designed for student-athletes who compete regionally, nationally, or internationally and are looking to pursue a high-level education. The schools we collaborate with offer flexible schedules that allow students to balance their rigorous training regimens with academic success. Whether you’re an emerging talent, an aspiring athlete, or an elite competitor, Ski Zenit will help you achieve your goals on the snow and in the classroom. We offer various ski programs that cater to the athletic and academic goals of each athlete, giving student-athletes more time to balance their athletic pursuits with academic excellence.

Athletes have the option of flexible skiing packages that may encompass schooling and lodging, although they are not mandatory.

Ski Zenit all inclusive annual program includes:

  • Complete academic year at a preferred collaborative school.
  • Various options for boarding accommodations.
  • Program for technical, tactical, physical and mental development.
  • Pre-season preparation and Racing season performance.

A Year long program with Ski Zenit means a complete training plan designed to help all athletes reach their competitive goals in the snow without compromising in their academics. Athletes participating in our program will take part in national and international races.

A year round program includes:

  • Annual training and racing Plan.
  • A schooling program of the highest standard adapted to the ski racing program.
  • Technical, physical, mental and racing goals.
  • Video Analysis.
  • Physical training plan.
  • Ski tuning.
  • Ski Zenit Team Training Jacket.
  • Ski Zenit Team Backpack.
  • Exclusive offer on skiing gear.

The duration of time spent on the snow may differ, but it typically ranges around 165 days. In addition to the days spent on the snow, athletes will also engage in a physical training program under the guidance of their coaches, as well as participate in sport psychology sessions. Ski Zenit offers the same program mentioned above in 2 other formats:

Annual Ski Program with accommodation, excluding schooling:

  • Athletes can follow their own schooling program while skiing and lodging with Ski Zenit. The same training program is applied, and school should be organised to take place on the same schedule as the other athletes.

Annual Ski Program excluding accommodation, and schooling:

  • Athletes may lodge on their own or with their families and follow their personal schooling program. Ski Zenit expects all athletes, regardless of the Academy format they choose, to participate in all activities. The full schedule will be shared with all athletes, who should do their best to attend every session to take full advantage of the skiing program.

Get to know our Highly-skilled Team of Coaches in our Ski Racing Academy

Activities and Athlete development:

Top athletes worldwide agree that Saas Fee, Grimentz-Zinal and Chile have some of the best skiing in the World. All ski resorts are catered for ski racers depending on the time of the year, in the Summer Saas-Fee and Chile are the best places for training in the northern and southern hemisphere, and in the Winter Grimentz-Zinal is one of the best training ski resorts in the northern hemisphere.

Our Racing Academy full programs allow trainers to plan a step-by-step training schedule throughout the full year adapting to each athlete’s needs, goals and pace. This gives athletes a more productive way to improve consistently in technical and tactical areas and in coordination with their physical and mental training plan.

By having a designated Head Coach, they receive constant and consistent supervision which ensures that correct decisions are made at the right time. This enables them to have training schedules and content that adapt to their individual needs.

Every training session will be carried out with the high standards of Ski Zenit Racing that our athletes have come to expect.

We highly recommend that all of our athletes prioritize their education, as it will undoubtedly benefit them in various aspects of their lives. They can choose to enroll in the schools we recommend or continue with their current educational institutions. Our primary concern is to ensure that they have adequate time to dedicate to their studies and excel academically. This commitment applies regardless of whether they are pursuing their own educational path or attending one of our affiliated schools. Rest assured, we will tailor the curriculum to complement our skiing and physical training programs.

This approach to our athletes’ education does not compromise our training. We firmly believe that we can offer world-class training while ensuring athletes receive a world-class education. Of course, this implies that in many cases, it will take longer to finish their studies. Some athletes choose to complete their two-year baccalaureate over three or four years so they have time to combine education with their sports careers.

Since we have partnered with various schools, please don’t hesitate to ask us for more information, and we can put you in direct contact with them.

Sion, in the picturesque Swiss Alps, is an excellent location for ski race training, with numerous world-class ski resorts in close proximity. Our boarding house, staffed with Ski Zenit coaches, offers a warm, supportive environment ideal for our athletes to feel comfortable and relaxed. Additionally, we have a fully-equipped gym nearby, allowing our athletes to complement their on-slope training with strength and conditioning workouts. For those preferring a structured academic setting, our affiliated school provides top-notch boarding services with access to excellent facilities.

Athletes enrolled in our annual plan will attend races with Ski Zenit trainers in nearby regions. The FIS races that we will attend will be chosen based on the athletes’ level and the difficulty of the race. We participate in SL, GS, and SG races. Participation in DH races is possible, but a specific racing and training plan would have to be put into place.

Each athlete will have different racing goals. We will ensure that these goals are achievable and will put all our available resources to work to achieve each athlete’s personal goals. There is a minimum standard level needed to be part of the annual program to ensure that all athletes can work together in a homogeneous group.

Athletes in our Race Academy will be coached and supervised by a highly experienced sports psychologist on our coaching staff, who has a special talent for helping athletes focus on their personal goals, manage their emotions, nerves, and more. Athletes really enjoy these dynamic sessions.

This is a key part of our training philosophy. The sessions are fun and stimulating, teaching our athletes how to focus, relax, establish goals, and understand their emotions.

We have included stretching and yoga as part of our training to help athletes calm their bodies and minds. These practices are excellent ways to relax, stretch, and strengthen muscles after a long day of training. They also teach athletes how to ease their minds and delve into their inner stillness and peace for full recovery.

Yoga is a great way for athletes to work on physical conditioning and gain the agility that comes from deep stretching. It is also highly recommended for muscle recovery. We have fully certified yoga instructors who adapt the difficulty and intensity of each session to the different skill levels and ages.

Meditation is an excellent way to relax and focus on one’s inner self, helping athletes “get in the zone”—that special place that enables competitors to perform to their potential even in the most stressful situations.

All athletes participating in our full programs will have a long-term conditioning training plan designed by our conditioning trainers. Athletes will follow the plan during training days with Ski Zenit, as well as at home, with follow-up from our trainers. They will be tested frequently to monitor progress and performance gains. These workouts will always be age-appropriate and tailored to the condition of each athlete. They are designed to be challenging, demanding, fun, and creative.

The post-ski workouts focus on recovery from the training sessions and protection against injury; they also aim to improve strength, coordination, balance, agility, and flexibility.

Ensuring proper maintenance of ski bases and edges is essential for optimal performance during ski training sessions and races. All athletes are expected to be responsible and take good care of their equipment. Ski Zenit coaches will ensure there is a proper ski room for our athletes to take great care of their skis and will assist them with anything needed. We have all the equipment needed, but it’s always beneficial for athletes to have some of their own tools.

Video analysis is an important tool for our coaches to help racers understand and improve the areas they are working on during ski training. Technical and tactical concepts critical to performance will be explained in detail during these sessions, ensuring clarity for the next training day. Video analysis sessions will be conducted every two or three days of training. Videos will be recorded daily, and athletes will have continuous access to these files for their personal review.


Personalized offer

150 + ski days and races

Physical training plan

July – April


Personalized offer

Multiple options

Adapted to athletes

July – June


Personalized offer

Multiple options

Adapted to athletes

September – June

Google reviews

Mark Hennings
Mark Hennings
Top ski trainers for technique alpine ski racing and gate training for all ages
Anthony Ellison
Anthony Ellison
Great training at a superb location. Ski Zenit coaches were enthusiastic, helpful and constructive. Video analysis twice in the week was great to bring the technical issues to life
Daniel Compain
Daniel Compain
My son absolutely loves this camp. He enjoys the cultural experience as well as having an enormous amount of autonomy that teaches him to be responsible and self-reliant. The camp is very well organized and all the coaches have a wealth of experience to impart on athletes of all ages. My wife and do everything we possibly can to get him to Saas Fee twice a year.
Sai Ho Leung
Sai Ho Leung
Over the past few years, both my son and daughter have been attending Zenit. However, more recently, only my son has been participating. I am consistently impressed by the way they engage with my children - providing support, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones, and meticulously breaking down each aspect of their ski turns. The instructors take the time to explain how they can improve. In the last couple of years, my son has been the sole attendee from our family. This year, upon his return, not only did his ski technique showcase marked improvement, but he also exhibited enhanced confidence in himself. This newfound assurance is not limited to skiing; it extends to his overall ability to constructively engage and listen.
Pawel Stach
Pawel Stach
Back for the third time. My son still loves training with Ski Zenit. He asked me to sign him up for three consecutive camps this year. The staff and coaching at Ski Zenit are very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend Ski Zenit to anyone who is looking at improving their ski racing.
Claire Zikovsky
Claire Zikovsky
Mon fils de 13 ans a participé à ce camp pendant 2 semaines. Il a trouvé l'endroit magnifique. Il a bien aimé les coachs et a trouvé qu'ils lui ont permis de s'améliorer. Il a beaucoup aimé l'horaire le matin mais il aurait aimé plus de choix d'activités en après-midi. Il a beaucoup aimé les chambres partagées et la possibilité de connaître de nouvelles personnes de différents endroits. Il a beaucoup apprécié les séances vidéos.
jayce love
jayce love
I just began skiing November 22/23 winter season and my eagerness to ski race and desire to learn the sport prompted me to enroll in this camp. This summer's opportunity to train with SkiZenit has been incredible. I'm incredibly appreciative of the coaches and team I worked with during my stay since they helped me strengthen and build my technical, physical, and mental abilities I needed to begin alpine racing.
Un stage "Race" très professionnel, une équipe au top. Très bonne expérience.
Gary Deger
Gary Deger
Great environment as well ski coaching. It is worth the extra flight time to come to Ski Zenit compared to Oregon.

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