Ski camps in Mt. Hood or should you go to Switzerland?

When the Summer season starts, skiing in North America becomes a bit of a challenge. The only two places you can ski during the Summer are Mt. Hood and Whistler Blackomb.

Ski camps in Mt. Hood can be great, but the glacier has really struggled during the last years. There is really big queues in the lifts and the snow condition is very often not optimal for alpine race training. Whistler is another option if you want to travel to British Columbia, but the terrain is really limited if you compare it to the bigger glaciers in Europe.

To summarize, if you want to get good quality ski race training during the Summer season you have two options:

  • Flying to the Southern Hemisphere in search of an endless Winter
  • Or going to the bigger European glaciers.

Both options are unique and offer completely different things.

  • In the Southern Hemisphere you will have a real Winter, with short days, bigger skiable areas and variable Winter skiing conditions.
  • In the Swiss Saas-Fee glacier you will be able to fully focus on your race training while having a great time. You can fully devote yourself to improve your skiing performance and physical condition. The long days offer the possibility of 3-4 hours ski sessions and after lunch (and some rest) attend our many activities working along with our professional condition trainers and sport psychologist. Many evenings include personalized video analysis with the ski coaches.

Taking into account all the factors mentioned above, Ski Zenit has based itself in Saas-Fee to deliver the highest quality ski racing camps available. The glacier has perfect slopes for free skiing, slalom, giant slalom and super giant slalom training. The car free town and sport facilities offer the ideal environment for racers to focus on their personal and technical development.

We help with the organization of your whole ski trip, doesn’t matter if you want to send your kids on their own, want to travel to Switzerland as a family or you’re a Master ski racer that’s seeking private training or ski camps. We run our own athletes hotel, but we can also offer a variety of hotels, chalets and apartments, as well as ski passes and airport shuttles.

Ski Zenit has developed a very unique and thoughtful coaching method, which ensures full adaptation to each athlete, under the guidelines of Head Coach Mauro Pini (former World Cup coach of some of the best ski racers) our professional team of coaches is teaching the most up to date ski racing techniques and tactics.

I have attached a short movie from Summer 2016 with a group of Swedish and Swiss racers that were training with Ski Zenit in Saas-Fee. Enjoy!

YouTube video

Skiing in Europe, apart from the quality of the skiing in Saas-Fee, there is a great cultural component. In the small ski villages the culture is completely different from North America. Many people that come from the U.S.A. to our ski racing camp also combine their trip with cultural visits to the nearby cities and countries.

For more information about our Summer, Fall or year long ski racing programs, send us an email at or click Here! 

When you think about ski camps in Mt. Hood, think outside the box!

See you soon skiing with us in Saas-Fee!

Peace and love

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